Summer 2023 Student Led Projects This summer, The Awakening Project had the opportunity to work with three very talented and social justice driven students on their own independent projects. These student-led projects combined social justice, faith, and advocacy on different topics in the Canadian context. These projects are the result of months of hard work, collaboration, and critical thinking from our Student Project Developers. The … Continue reading

Feeling Anxious About the Future? You’re Not Alone

This article was originally posted here. St. Mike’s alumnus Dr. Simon Appolloni is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto’s School of the Environment. His current research interest lies in understanding and utilizing pedagogies of hope that build resilience within students as they navigate paths toward sustainability. Simon has maintained his pre-doctoral volunteer work within the environmental-social justice not-for-profit sector. You’ve been hearing and … Continue reading Feeling Anxious About the Future? You’re Not Alone

One Child – Children & Youth Preventing Child Sex Slavery

This talk was part of a series of presentations on Feb 24, 2021 at ‘Extending Our Embrace’ – an event sponsored by the Office of Interreligious Dialogue for the Archdiocese of Toronto. Cheryl’s talk is at the 33:45 minute mark of the video. One Child website: Continue reading One Child – Children & Youth Preventing Child Sex Slavery

Climate Justice

By: Dania Ahmed When thinking of environmental justice, I particularly enjoy reading articles such as “”People and Planet First”: On the Moral Authority of Climate Justice and a New Economy” because they are not only insightful and inspirational – but they directly call out our contemporary environmentally ruinous ways of living. Naomi Klein was quite attention grabbing as this was the address she gave at … Continue reading Climate Justice

Youth Climate Activism

By: Dania Ahmed Youth are more than often referred to as the future of the world, which makes the actions of youth today critical when determining what the planet will look like decades from now. The climate change crisis is growing at an alarming rate, and the responsibility to manage this catastrophe is falling onto the youth. Youth climate activism is a growing movement, and … Continue reading Youth Climate Activism