Religious Tolerance

This is the tolerance the world needs – no religion is better than another religion, they are just different. There is still a long way to go for real tolerance here in the Emirates or in the United States or anywhere in the world. We still have to work a lot more for real tolerance.

How this Country is Fixing Religion video

This video is courtesy of Nas Daily.

One thought on “Religious Tolerance

  1. As a Muslim woman, this video was extremely interesting to me, it will always fascinate me what kinds of strides my own faith community is making to promote interreligious tolerance and I love to see the progress. In Muslim countries what I have generally found is that it often becomes hard for non-Muslims to carry out some of their daily activities because of Islamic customs. What I thoroughly enjoyed in this video was the sale of pork and alcohol for non-Muslims to consume, because it is something that is rarely found in Muslim states. The narrator states that there is still a lot more to do for real tolerance to take hold, and I definitely agree. Although this is a beautiful starting point, I want to see more Muslim countries work actively to creating legislation and policies that fully support non-Muslim residents and tourists. Islam calls for the acceptance of all peoples but there are many Muslim states that have yet to even take their first step in embodying this teaching. Religious tolerance is extremely important, and I sincerely hope for it to rapidly climb to the top of governmental agendas in Muslim countries. In my home country of Pakistan, I can personally see how religious intolerance can turn to horrible religious persecution and this was especially the case in past decades – so much so, that my own parents and most of my family had to flee from Pakistan because of it. This was because, my sect of Islam (being neither Shia nor Sunni) is not recognized under Pakistani law and soon became a cruel designation/mark to incite severe social stigmatization. This is why I have, and always will be an active advocate for meaningful efforts to be taken in regards to religious tolerance as the social and political ramifications of religious intolerance edge on the boundary of inhumane rivalries and egotism.

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