The Canadian Church Must Break Ties with White Supremacy

The following is an excerpt from an article by CPJ (Citizens for Public Justice). To read the full article, follow this link

 ‘The Garden Path’ –<>

We are parts of a whole (verse 12). Everyone has been called upon to engage in physical distancing and quarantine measures in order to flatten the curve.

If one member suffers we all suffer (verse 26). The impact of COVID-19 on the long-term care industry has revealed that the suffering of our community’s elders means the suffering of our healthcare professionals, families, etc.

A member’s assertion around not being a part of the body does not nullify their belonging to the whole (verse 15). Canadian protestors who demanded a right to return to work amidst a shelter-in-place order were reminded of this reality.

This pandemic has also revealed what many activists, advocates, and prophetic voices have been saying for decades: this country continues to deny the level of inequities that exist for people who are racialized as other than white. Characteristic of Canada, there was a reticence to collect race-based pandemic data. Recent data indicates a high prevalence of COVID-19 in predominantly racialized minority neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area. This means that Canada’s inability to accept systemic racism has once again resulted in racialized minority community members experiencing increased vulnerabilities…

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