Shane Claiborne

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Shane Claiborne TheoEd Interview (2019):

Spotlight: Shane Claiborne (2011):

Podcast on Bittersweet Monthly (2020):

beautiful things growing out of little groups

A conversation between director Jared Hogan and Shane Claiborne in April 2018 in Lynchburg, VA.


“We have a precedent for beautiful things growing out of little groups of people, like twelve,” says Shane. “I’ve learned a lot from Dorothy Day—a great Catholic activist—and she said, ‘Our goal is not to grow bigger and bigger, but smaller and smaller.’”

I think that’s part of our reorientation work—to discipline our gaze and attention from scanning the horizon for signs of normalcy or security and refocus on the one, two, ten opportunities to give radically and love generously where we are with whomever is next to us or just around the corner.

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