Orientation Days 2021

In the Summer of 2021, the Project was entering its second summer. The Project that year recruited nearly 20 students from across Ontario. While students came to the Awakening Project with various initiatives and goals in mind, such as working on website content, social media, or outreach, the Mission, Vision and Focus of the Project were always at the forefront. To make clear the goals of the Awakening Project, the Project Coordinators of that summer, Dania Ahmed and Vincent Pham, decided that it would be helpful to host Orientation Days over a span of two days with two workshops: (1) Listening to Prophetic Voices, and (2) Discussing Social Justice Issues. 

The Orientation Days were successful and insightful on many facets. The feedback received was noted and was to be implemented in future Orientation Days. Below is attached the Report of these Orientation Days. 

Orientation Days 2021 Report


Day 1: Prophetic Voices

Day 2: Social Justice