Mary McAleese

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Reeling in the Years | Mary McAleese speaking during the visit of Queen Elizabeth in (2011):

“Don’t suffer alone” – Former President Mary McAleese | The Late Late Show | RTÉ One (2020):

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2 thoughts on “Mary McAleese

  1. Women are an important part of the church community, they are the backbone and support. Now a days, with the difficulties in finding new people to join, having women more involved would help increase numbers. Women becoming ordained would help the church be more inclusive and welcoming; and would increase membership. This would be an important step that would bring more people to the church.

    1. I do agree, Violet, that women and lay people in general play an important part in the Church. There is a general thinking among many that only clergy (ordained) have influence in the Church. While that seemed to have been the case for the longest time, the Second Vatican Council, particularly in its four pillar documents, particularly Lumen Gentium, emphasized the role of lay people within the Church. The implementations of Vatican II did not take place overnight, but rather, still unfolding today. Pope Francis in a sense has really taken the involvement of women and lay people in side the Church to heart. While this article in a sense, shows one side of the story, an article from America Magazine earlier this year had a headline that said, “Pope Francis has increased leadership roles for women in the church,” with the second part that is important,”But there’s still work to do.” ( I assume that this topic on women involvement in the church will be spoken of to some degree at the Synod on Synodality which instead of a month long meeting of the pope with bishops throughout the world, will be a three-year long process that involves components on both the local and universal Church level. (–xvi-ordinary-general-assembly-of-the-synod-of-bis.html)

      The involvement of women in our communities (in general, not just religious communities) are very important. I think of how many women have taken part in the parent councils in elementary schools and even in secondary school to help build their children’s school community. I think of the many program facilitators at the Toronto Public Library branch near where I live who have run many programs, especially during my time in elementary school. Most importantly, I think of our mothers as well who in their own unique ways help build the community that they live in. We need harmony among both men and women, and a listening ear that takes into consideration the needs of all peoples, not just one particular gender of race.

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