One thought on “Educate A Child Program

  1. I think that the Educate a Child Program/The Schools of Tomorrow program is such a wonderful initiative. There are so many people around the world who aren’t as fortunate to have educational rights and easy access to school. More specifically, in Brazil. This initiative in Brazil has changed that reality for so many deserving children in Rio Janerio and although this is still an issue in many other communities, they have made an extremely positive and impactful change.
    I found the intentions of EAC to increase parental engagement and search for students who aren’t in school to be so important and appropriately chosen. This is because, I realize that parent(s) of a child may not be interested in sending their child to school for reasons such as, but not limited to: Wanting their child to work to help their family’s finances, and this is very common in impoverished communities where children are not required by law to go to school and education is not publicly funded for. So, I believe it is great that EAC is making an effort to reach out to parents and not just potential students. Also, their intention to cultivate appropriate curriculum plans is very comforting as it ensures that the children will get a well-rounded and resourceful education.
    I also wanted to mention how this program will not only impact the lives of the children, but it will allow the literacy rates of the country to increase, which can contribute to positive changes to the economy which, overtime, may allow the country to provide its citizens with educational rights.
    It is incredibly interesting and inspiring to see issues like this being addressed and successful attempts for a solution. Remarkable Post!

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