Lack of Safety in Homeless Shelters

Content by Marco Hidalgo Romero – 3rd-year student in the Computer Science Program at Sheridan College. Introduction I started working in the Ripples of Kindness program one month before COVID-19 had turned into a worldwide pandemic. During that time, we were more easily able to interact with the homeless people coming for food at Paroisse du Sacre-Coeur Church in Toronto. One in particular mentioned how … Continue reading Lack of Safety in Homeless Shelters


About 235,000 Canadians experience homelessness each year, and the amount of homeless people, as well as the duration they spend being homeless, continues rising. A simple definition for homelessness is the state of not having a place to live. However, homelessness can also be defined by social exclusionary factors that increase poverty, limit opportunities, and create barriers for these people to fully participate in society. … Continue reading Homelessness