About The awakening Project

The Awakening Project is a youth-led initiative that bridges interfaith dialogue and social justice activism.

The goal of the project is to encourage a community of individuals who are aware of how we are all interconnected with each other and with the earth, and how our faiths motivate us to have compassion for the most vulnerable.

Listen and Learn

At the Awakening Project, we are focused on listening to “Prophetic Voices” that inspire us to act. We see Prophetic Voices as those who speak to injustices, who call for change, and who have rooted their efforts in a trust that there is a ‘greater power’ acting in the universe and in our lives.

The podcasts and articles featured on our web site highlight the messages of Prophetic Voices, exemplifying both activist and contemplative dimensions.

Explore our resources and get involved to join us in our mission of education and action.

Any individual can participate by hosting a zoom discussion on a podcast or article.

What We Do

Our Mission

To listen to prophetic voices as a way to awaken ourselves to the radical call of our faith in our actions for social justice and transformative change.

Our Vision

To find ways for people of different faiths and backgrounds to ‘pull together’ for a more just society.

Our Focus

Our focus is on compassion for the most vulnerable, including systemic and structural causes of injustice. We do this by sharing and reflecting on a diversity of voices and actions for social justice.

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