Opioid Crisis and Drug Reform

Tamara Lorincz has shared this public statement about the tragic death of her brother in October 2020, in the hope that telling Derek’s story will help others and will encourage a stronger movement towards drug reform.

Tamara says: “With this statement, I would like to be open about my brother’s death, and to let you to know why I will be an advocate for compassionate drug policies and I will share these posts on my social media etc. I am trying to move from deep sadness to action. I hope people will find compassion in their hearts for my brother and those struggling with addiction, and understand a bit more about the connection between trauma and addiction. With compassion, love and peace.

Derek’s obituary: https://edmontonjournal.remembering.ca/obituary/derek-modry-1080625040

Tamara’s story – www.balsillieschool.ca/tamara-lorincz/

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