Robin Wall Kimmerer – ‘Mapping A New Geography of Hope – Woman and the Land’

Speaker – Robin Wall Kimmerer This is one of my favourite videos surrounding environmentalism – it is a video of a speaker at the “Mapping A New Geography of Hope – Woman and the Land” convention. This is because there was a lot of content in this video that I found myself strongly agreeing with, but an equal amount of what the speaker said for … Continue reading Robin Wall Kimmerer – ‘Mapping A New Geography of Hope – Woman and the Land’

Climate Change Anxiety

By Dania Ahmed There are two kinds of ways to enact significant change, these ways manifest themselves into the two distinct avenues of individual change and systematic change. A topic which I personally find very interesting. Initially in regards to the climate crisis, I found myself instinctively inclined towards agreeing that significant change can only occur through change enacted by the government which then seeds … Continue reading Climate Change Anxiety

Climate Justice

By: Dania Ahmed When thinking of environmental justice, I particularly enjoy reading articles such as “”People and Planet First”: On the Moral Authority of Climate Justice and a New Economy” because they are not only insightful and inspirational – but they directly call out our contemporary environmentally ruinous ways of living. Naomi Klein was quite attention grabbing as this was the address she gave at … Continue reading Climate Justice

Youth Climate Activism

By: Dania Ahmed Youth are more than often referred to as the future of the world, which makes the actions of youth today critical when determining what the planet will look like decades from now. The climate change crisis is growing at an alarming rate, and the responsibility to manage this catastrophe is falling onto the youth. Youth climate activism is a growing movement, and … Continue reading Youth Climate Activism