Connecting Faith and Social Justice

Listening to Prophetic Voices that Inspire Us.

The Awakening Project is a youth-led initiative that bridges interfaith dialogue and social justice activism. The goal of the project is to encourage a community of individuals who are aware of how we are all interconnected with each other and with the earth, and how our faiths motivate us to have compassion for the most vulnerable.

Walter Brueggemann podcasts

These Walter Brueggemann podcasts are from Breaking Ground and produced by
Bittersweet Monthly. Directed by Eliot Rausch, and edited by Brandon Bray. 

In this segment Walter Brueggemann, an Old Testament scholar and world-renown theologian, leads us to consider neighborly economics and a posture of solidarity.

In this segment Walter Brueggemann leads us to consider lament, the switching of narratives, and life as a covenant people.

Connecting Faith and Social Justice

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Rick Tobias

Rick Tobias is a life-long advocate for the marginalized, speaking to the issues of social justice and challenging us, as he believes Henri Nouwen would have, to move from fear to love in this time of uncertainty. This audio podcast is from the Henri Nouwen Society’s ‘Now & Then’ series.

Anne Snyder

Read The Tribes that Bind – Wrestling with loyalty in a fractured age, an article by Anne Snyder; the editor-in-chief of Comment Magazine and overseer of its partner project, Breaking Ground.

Pete Seeger

Read an article on Pete Seeger and listen to a 1995 interview with Seeger by Michael Enright.

Michael Enright

Listen to Indigenous leader Cindy Blackstock speaking with Michael Enright on the final episode of the Sunday Edition – June 26, 2020.

Featured Video

Carrie Newcomer – Room at the Table for Everyone

We live in abundance and there is enough always, Building longer tables to include all can be our dream. So let’s not mind to being excluded for those we include.

Carrie Newcomer

About — Carrie Newcomer is a performer, recording artist, and educator, described as a “prairie mystic” by the Boston Globe and one who “asks all the right questions” by Rolling Stone.

Featured Podcast

Henri Nouwen

Listen to talks by friends who knew Henri Nouwen


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Claudia Gordan

To go to any of the podcast links, resources and sources mentioned in the document, please download a PDF version below, or scroll down for direct links and content! *Refresh this page, if content doesn’t load* Claudia Gordan Online Materials Episode 12: Racism and Oppression Through The Deaf Black LensClose Enough to Hear God Breathe: The Great Story of Divine (2011) Claudia Gordon | Google Continue reading Claudia Gordan

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