The Vision

Listening to Prophetic Voices that Inspire Us.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: To listen to prophetic voices as a way to awaken ourselves to the radical call of our faith in our actions for social justice and transformative change.

Our Vision:  To find ways for people of different faiths and backgrounds to ‘pull together’ for a more just society.

ProgramListening to Prophetic Voices that Inspire Us

*   share the writings and podcasts of diverse prophetic voices, and to raise awareness of the issues they raise, in ways that awaken us to the causes of social injustices in our world.

*  invite students to contribute other prophetic voices they are aware of.

*  research social justice issues such as: income inequality, housing & homelessness, racism, climate change, institutional inertia, and other important justice issues.

*  explore how our faith calls us to solidarity with marginalized communities.

*  research new priorities and choices at local and societal levels.

*  encourage students to share with one another though zoom meetings, emails and social media.