Taking Back our Democracy: Bridging the Generational Divide


Alex Himelfarb – Was a senior executive with the federal government for almost 30 years, and a Director of several NGO’s on global governance.


… and yet we watch our governments behave as though poverty, inequality, youth unemployment, climate change and environmental degradation are not real or are somebody else’s problem.

Democracy means a strong civil society and mediating organizations that ensure a diversity of views and balance, at least to some extent, the ability of citizens to be heard. It means making every effort to limit the extent to which money shapes politics.

But democracy is a messy business and, in the current climate, when the challenges seem intractable and we worry about decay and disaster, we are at our most vulnerable to trading it away for the false and dangerous promises of certainty, for the strong hand that is ready to take charge or for the saviour whose personal qualities promise magical, transcendent solutions.

Vision is important but vision not grounded in human experience and evidence is hallucination. It is about rebuilding civil society from the ground up, about a new kind of solidarity and a different kind of leadership.


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